Thursday, 28 June 2012

First Recipe! Sweet and Sour Pork

Hey everyone, thank you so much for checking in. We decided to start out with some quick and simple chinese dish that cost less than £10.00 FOR 4 people! This is not only a healthier option than a local takeaway, but a much cheaper alternative for those who have large families.

This recipe only took me 35-40 minutes to make and I shopped at Tesco for the ingredients. It is low-fat and and low in calories. For those watching their waistlines, I have provided the nutritional information below. It consists of Pork, Sweet and sour sauce, Basmati rice and mixed stir-fry vegetables.


Low Fat, Low calories
-4 Pork loin Steaks (Or boneless skinless chicken for an even healthier option) (ONE STEAK PER PERSON)
Calories: 155 Sugar: Trace Fat: 6g Saturate: 2g Salt: 0.5g

-Full jar of Tesco Light Choices Sweet and Sour Sauce 400g (100G PER PERSON)

Calories: 70 Sugar: 12.8g Fat: 0.1g Saturate: 0g Salt: 0.2g

-Full bag of Chinese Stir Fry Vegetables 400g  (100G PER PERSON)

Calories: 35 Protein: 2.1g Sugar: 3.4g Fat: 0.4g Saturate: .01g Salt: trace

-240g Tilda Basmati Brown and White Rice (60G UNCOOKED PER PERSON)
Calories: 60 Sugar: Trace Fat: Trace Saturate: Trace Salt: Trace

Crafond Sauce pan-- Put the rice and water on to boil using the cooking instructions on the packet. Normally it is double the water for amount of rice.

Castey 45cm Plancia Plate-- Place the pork steaks on your flat tray, plancia plate, grill pan, or baking tray in the over or if you’re using one of our Fundix Flat trays directly on the hob. Allow the pan to heat up form a medium heat and place steaks on. Once bottom is brown flip the steak.

Once water is boiling, take the pan with rice and put on low heat covered with lid. It will cntinue to cook and soften.

Once both sides of the Pork steaks are brown and cooked through till white in the middle, remove from hob and tray. Place on cutting board to slice into smaller portions.
Once cut, put into bowl and pour over sweet and sour sauce. Set this aside.

Hand-casted Non-stick pans
Crafond Sauté Pan--- Place your vegetables in the pan. Remember no oil or butter is needed if you’re using a Perfect Pan.  Allow to cook with lid on for 5-10 minutes.

Non-stick cookwareCheck rice. If all the water has been absorbed and the rice still seems firm, add a splash of water and re-cover to finish cooking.
Add the meat and sauce to the Sauté pan with the vegetables and stir. Cover and cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Dinner is done!
Plate the rice first and then put the vegetable and meat mixture on top. This recipe is tailored for 4 people; we have included the portion sizes in the ingredients list so that you can change it to what you need.

Feel free to make any tweaks necessary. Remember cooking should be fun! Enjoy!

Our First Post! Welcome!

Welcome to our first ever blog posting! 
If you found us, most likely it's because you have either purchased one of our pans or you are thinking about purchasing one. We are the retailer and sole British and Irish importer of high-quality, hand-cast, non-stick aluminium cookware from Crafond, Castey, as well as our new Perfect Pans range, featuring a line of superb induction cookware. We also sell SKK and Emile Henry cookware as well as many different types of cooking utensils.
Our intention whilst creating this  blog, is to create a way for our  customers to interact with us and to view what’s going on with Perfect Pans or provide updated recipes cooked by us. Whether it's in the office, or at home for our families, we want to share ideas on how and what to cook with our cookware. We welcome anyone who has a recipe that they use with one of our Perfect Pans, to email us and provide us with a recipe to be featured on the blog. If you would like to submit a recipe to be featured on our page, you can either provide photos of your dish, or we can cook it up for you here and take the photos.  Currently, we are trying to collect fat-free or low fat, low calorie recipes to coincide with one of our marketing campaigns. We will try to update our blog every Friday, so you can have something yummy to look forward to during the weekend! We cannot wait to get started cooking and looking forward to comments and suggestions.
As always we look forward to hearing from you and would enjoy your feedback!
 From all of us at Perfect Pans, have a lovely day and we will update with our first recipe this Friday!