Thursday, 19 July 2012

Company Review - Meals in Fields

Cam-fire, campingGood day everyone, hope you are all keeping warm and dry! Good news, summer is on the way... FINALLY!

We wanted to do something different this week and give a review on a really great company that was recommended to us at a show. The company, Meals in Fields, not only lured us in with their interesting name, but pleasantly surprised us by their beautiful website and unique services.

After taking a good look through the site we fell in love. The real meat and potatoes of Meals in Fields, is that they want to provide a comprehensive directory for our camper, caravan, boating, rambler, and hiker community, with recommendations on where to stay, shop and dine whilst out and about in the UK.
Non-stick CookwareThe site contains so many features, but the one that we really loved was the online cookbook. The recipes were perfect for caravans, campers, and boaters as many were one pot dishes and were mindful that there is little space in a caravan or boating kitchen. Many of the recipes offered would be perfect for use with one of our Castey Plancha plates or Crafond Saute Pans as they are so versatile and because of their non-stick, the pans are able to be cleaned easily.
Another great thing about this cookbook is that the dishes are based on local ingredients from the retailers and farm shops nearest you. They even have a directory of all the farm shops per county and if a farm shop isn’t listed you can request to add it to their directory.

Needless to say we really think Meals in Fields is a great company and recommend their directory and recipe book to all our customers as the perfect companion to our Perfect Pans.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Fantastic site! Had a peek earlier and even if you are not into camping the recipes are great! Just the ticket for a good interesting read and local knowledge, Whereever you are!!!