Friday, 22 August 2014

Bacon and Egg Puff Pastry Breakfast Tart

This next Recipe we have been making every weekend with a Castey Flat tray as the family LOVES it so much! It really is a major favourite. 

Bacon and Egg Puff Pastry Breakfast Tart


1 sheet of puff pastry {thawed} or pre-rolled. You can make your own too. 
150 g grated cheddar cheese or an kind that you'd like
6 strips of bacon {cooked}
6 eggs
salt and pepper

*Caramelised onion, or peppers if you'd like to add extra flavour. 


Pre-heat the oven to 180
Roll the puff pasty into a rectangle about 1/4 inch thick. 
with a sharp knife cut a "border" of about 1/2 inch around the entire rectangle.

Put on the Flat Tray and put in the over for about 10 minutes. This will cook the base. Don't worry if the centre puffs out a bit. When partially cooked, if it has puffed up in the centre, gently use a spatula to let the air out and push down.

Lay the bacon slices down flat across the pre-cooked base. 

Then liberally spread the grated cheese and if using onions and peppers those as well. 

Make sure to leave a few little nests in the cheese so that the egg will rest in them. 

Place in the oven for approximately 10 minutes. This should melt the cheese and cook the sides of the pastry. 

Crack eggs and place in the little pre-defined nests. Put tray back in the oven for an additional 10 minutes or until your eggs are done to your preference. 

Add salt and pepper to taste and VoilĂ ! The perfect weekend breakfast. 

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