Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Pancake Day Pics

So we had a couple of pancakes in the office yesterday and here are a couple of our photos from that, remember we were at work so there aren't as many as we all had when we got home.

So we cheated a little on the batter mix but as we work at work I think this is forgiveable, we did have a fairly healthy selection off toppings but held off of the Cream accompaniment.     
       Share with us your favourites or even your oddest pancake toppings!

On Thursday its Chinese New Year, and this year is the year of the Goat. On Friday (all be it a little late) I will be posting a couple of recipes for you to try out to celebrate the occasion this weekend. Let us know if there are any recipes you think are a must for this celebration or any you might be trying for the first time.

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